Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm nesting. Cade had a stomach virus for a couple of days so we stayed home. Today he was feeling better and I was in the mood to clean....out. I tackled Jenna's room which will soon be Jenna and Cassie's room. I cleaned out the toys, moved some things around, and then hit the closet-oh my word! Really, does one kid need that many clothes? I'm sooooo embarrassed! So I emptied her closet and packed up the too small clothes in boxes-Cassie has plenty of clothes starting at 12 months. And what I just cleaned out-18 months...i just have to shake my head. Don't get me started on shoes, but Jenna and I love little girl shoes. :) yes, she really does love her shoes. So far I have one dresser drawer for Cassie. that's just not going to's perplexing.

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