Saturday, January 9, 2010

I found it!! And it wasn't at Stori's house!

Stori, I loved your comment!  I found the camera cord-it looks much like my kindle cord and was stashed away in the appropriate kindle cord drawer.  Dumb me, I did not realize they don't make size 9 jeans so I found some size 10 slims for Cade-  they are "super skinny" jeans and he is so excited.  They actually look awesome on him because, well, he is super skinny.  That's enough talking, I have many pictures to post!  Enjoy the show!  The empty room is the new game room.  It now has quite a bit more stuff in it and the tv has been mounted to the wall.


Liz said...

Look at those sweet babies!! Adorable!!!

Stori said...

Darn, I was hoping to get rid of some of these cords! Glad you found it : ) Great to see pics of the cuties again! Chad really enjoys seeing new pic of Cloee!