Friday, January 8, 2010

The case of the missing camera cord

I'm still sad and still missing my camera cord. Where oh where is my camera cord? So, looks like today will be filled with verbage from me-I know that's exciting. Jenna has discovered a new favorite past-time. Sneaking my cell phone and making phone calls. Typically it's Jeff she has phoned but this morning she also called my friend Alicia. It's now in the kitchen, on the counter, and locked.

I go back to work on monday. I need a moment of silence...............
Big sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Cade has started basketball. He plays for Whitehouse and RA basketball at our church. Two games every Saturday for a few weeks. Jenna thinks she's a princess. She wraps everthing around her shoulders and struts through the house saying, "i a pwincess" and you must agree or she will continue to say it until you lose your mind. She's also gotten into monsters these days, as in being scared of them. We're not sure where that came from, but when her room is dark she'll run from it screaming "monstas". Cloee is sleeping through the night! She's also getting fairly chunky these days. She is definitely a thumb sucker and still hates the car seat, but she's a little better. I put her in her bumbo seat last night and it was the funniest thing. Her feet don't even touch the ground. She seemed to like it though and she's got great head and neck control. So she sat there as pretty as you please and watched the kids. Oh yeah, Cade has gone through a growth spurt I guess. We got into an argument over his jeans this morning. I told him his jeans were too short they must be the 7's to go put on his 8's and he argued that they were 8's. And I of course argued back that no way were those his 8's and I pulled the tag out....wait for it....and much to my chagrin (did i spell that right?), my son was right. Oops, I'm so sorry and yes I did tell him that. When did he grow? I just bought those when school started. Guess I'll be going to look for some 9's - slim, of course, this weekend. That's all for now.


Carrie said...

Grace is already growing out of her 3T pants in the length, but still has a 1T butt!

Stori said...

I believe I found your camera cord! I just cleaned out our desk area and found a whole crate full of cords! I have no idea what they go to! I hate growth spurts! I bought Parker new 8's at the beginning of the school year and he is now in 10's. And poor Livia went from a size 5 to a womens size 8! She is going to have some big feet!