Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun-Filled Friday

Got my casty-thing off of my arm and the stitches removed yesterday.  Now wearing a removable splint and will start PT next week.  It hurts pretty good right now because it's not bound and gravity is messing with it.  But it's nice to have that thing off.  I just have to sing praises for my husband, he has been amazing.  On top of bathing the girls every night and making sure the house is clean, he has made sure the kitchen is clean every night before we go to bed.  The kitchen is a pet-peeve of mine and I don't like getting up to dirty dishes in the sink.  Does it happen?  Sure, we're not perfect.  But Jeff has really helped on that.  I love you sweetie!!

Cloee is now rolling over.  She is just growing like a weed and she has the cutest smile.  We are at home today because of, all things, snow.  It's beautiful and not common here.  The kids have been having a ball.  Jenna is now at the sitter with Cloee until I finish my job-my last day is February 26th and I am on the count down!  She seems to enjoy it and I know she likes being with Cloee.  Cade is wrapping up his basketball season tomorrow and then our Saturdays are free for quite some time.  He chose not to play in Upward Soccer because he wanted a break and I said a quite prayer of thanks!

I am very excited about becoming a stay-at-home mom.  I never believed I could do this but God has opened those doors for me and it is the right and best thing for me to do.  I guess the big news is that I will also begin homeschooling Cade in August.  We are both very excited.  We've committed to a year and I think it will continue on.  Yes, I have done a great great deal of research and prayed just as much.  I'm excited that my son will be taught from a Christian point of view and the science books say "God created this and He created that".  When I asked Cade what electives he wanted, his first answer was, "I want to learn more about the Bible-is there a class on that?"  I can't tell you how good my heart felt, what a sweet young man.  Jeff is totally on board with this decision and was involved in the research during that stage.  If you have a viewpoint or a question, send them to me.  Would love to hear it.  Everyone that we have talked has been so very supportive.  I have to say honestly I was a little surprised, but definitely in a good way.

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Heart4Adoption said...

I just found your blog via the skin and hair group and was so touched that you got to adopt from Congo. We tried to adopt from Liberia for 2 years unsuccessfully and wanted to pursue adoption from Congo but don't qualify due to too many children. We have 2 bio and 3 adopted children (two are Sudanese via foster care). Our heart is still to adopt from Africa but I don't think there are many options left. We also home school - it is a beautiful journey! Blessings, Tanya