Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Talk

My last week at work is winding down.  My feelings somewhat mixed.  There is joy and excitement all of the time now, but a little sadness about leaving.  Fear of the unknown, will I be a good stay-at-home mom?  Usually when these fears pop up, I say a quick prayer and hand it over to God.  He'll take care of it I know.  Mostly there is only excitement.  I can't believe this is really happening and to have a husband that completely supports this and even brought it up.....well, I'm truly blessed.

Occupational therapy is going good, I guess.  I'm getting frustrated but such is life.  Saturday is our Anniversary - 11 years.  Our marriage seems to only get better as the years go by.

Conversations over the last week:
Scene: watching television; in walks Jenna with arms folded.
cutting her eyes to me she asks," wheis my jacket?"
Me:  ummm, I dunno.  What about the couch in the playroom?"
Jenna looks, apparently spots it.
Squinching her face, arms still folded, lets out a HUGE sigh, then stomps to the playroom saying,
"That mase me so mad!"
Jeff and I fell out laughing-oops, mistake.  The "mad" girl turns to me and wags her finger,"Stop laughing, it's no funny."

Well, it was hysterical but I tried to contain my self.

Blessings, Lauree

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