Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blogs going private

Some of you who follow the blogs that I follow probably have noticed that a few have gone "private."  This means you have to be invited by email to read their blogs.  There have been some concerns in the adoption community with certain countries and noone wants to put any current adoptions at risk.  That's the short version.  My blog will remain public for now.


Hope & George Laubach said...

We have been following some of the blogs that have gone private including the newer Congo Adoption Blog that listed all the others. How can we get on the list to keep reading these? We're in the middle of adopting from the DRC. Our site is
Thanks a lot!
Hope L.

Lauree said...

Hope, can you send me your email to thanks, Lauree

Liz said...

Completely understand. If you do decide to go private, invite me, please!