Saturday, April 24, 2010

Clutter Corners

Do you know what I'm talking about?  Those areas where everything gets thrown because "you'll deal with it later."  I have several in my house-I hate them.  I'm trying to do better.  I've improved a little.  Two areas in the kitchen are "weak" spots-both ends of the long counter.  They make great pile up spots.  Every time I let it get horrendous, I fuss the entire time I clean it.  Know what I mean?  "I'm never going to let this happen again"; I'm going to clean this every single day and avoid this from here on out".  I've said that multiple times.  So, I cleaned before Jenna's party and my kitchen looked beautiful, no stray papers to be found.  Yesterday I walked through the kitchen, Friday, and looked and almost screamed.  Clutter in my corner-what!?!  So, yes, I immediately stopped and conquered that clutter corner.  Here's a picture of the clutter starting to build just one short week from cleaning it out-ugh.

Now, please understand, this is not "horrendous" for me.  Sometimes it's stacked way high and maybe even two piles.  BUT this is where it all begins!  Cookbooks, newspaper article, Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Book, vitamins, lotion, a Jenna toy.  But I'm proud of myself-I tackled it at this level and now it's beautiful again.  I also realize that this picture makes my "mango" paint  look like something in a baby's diaper maybe-ick.  Do you have clutter corners?  If so, where?


Anonymous said...

Corners only? I wish! :)

More like my whole house...

(Of course it starts on the table by the front door, the bench in the front hallway, my husband's chair side table, and the infamous kitchen counter.)

Liz said...

Like's pretty much my whole house. I'm not quite like a TLC Clean Sweep or Hoarders episode, but it's constant clutter everywhere over here!

Lauree said...

I've got more areas to share later! thought I'd start with that. ;)