Friday, May 7, 2010

Frugal Friday

I'm very excited about 2 purchases I made yesterday. I stopped by 3 consignment stores-2 of which are VERY proud of their used clothes. But one had some "garage sale" prices I thought.

Jenna is loving dresses right now. Isn't that a cute dress? I love it! And who wouldn't want a pair of hot pink cowgirl boots? The boots I got for $6.00-I was okay with that one, I saw their price in the store last year. The dress I got for $1.50! I love it-there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I'm going to some garage sales in the morning to see if I can find a couple of more dresses for Jenna and some art/craft supplies for Jenna's "school boxes" in the fall.

Then I bought some of our homeschool curriculum:

It does NOT belong on frugal Friday! But I feel better now that I have started making the purchases.

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Rebecca said...

I just found your blog and oh my your family is beautiful! I have three under five right now. 5, 3 and 9 mos. I have a heart for so many more and to adopt but my dear husband is not yet on that same page. God is so good and a little resistance has me praying and on my knees all the more! Your precious family is such an inspiration. Have a wonderful day.