Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

I've been trying to post some videos for days now and I give up. It's just not working! Cade had TAKS testing last week and we are so glad that is over and that will be his last time to do it! No more teaching to take a test for us! And less than 4 weeks left of public school. I believe I have Cade's curriculum almost finalized and it will be:
Penmanship - A Reason for Handwriting
Math - Saxon or Horizon's (going to look at it tomorrow)
History - Sonlight or LifePac
Language Arts - SOS (Switched on Schoolhouse)
Science - Apologia (Young Explorer Series) will let Cade decide what he wants to study first (example: Botany; flying things, etc)
Bible - SOS (most likely)

We will also have Read Alouds and I have not compiled that list yet. This summer Cade will be working on "Vacation Stations" from Bob Jones University and we will be working heavily on Character Education, maybe through Rainbow Resource.

Jenna will also have things to do. She will be 3-1/2 when we start and I will be ordering the toddler package from My Father's World for her. I will also have some books and preschool items for her to work on. She likes "school." So hopefully this will work well with her. And lots of little crafts-we like crafts. Horizons also makes a preschool curriculum that I will look at later, not for the fall though.

I am currently working on the schedule for us and focusing more on a year round type of school so we can take off pretty much when we need to. Texas law requires 180 days of school. Until today I was planning on beginning August 1, 2010 and going through June 30, 2011 with the month of July off. However, I think Jeff and Pam (his sister) are leaning towards the first week of August for a trip to North Dakota for a week-really doesn't matter for me and the kids since I am at home. So I guess we'll start sometime the following week or even the 3rd week in August and run until sometime in July. Not really a big deal. I've plugged in a few days off so far. All holidays that Dad is off, school will not be in session. Cade's birthday, Jenna's birthday, 1 week at Thanksgiving, 2 weeks at Christmas. There will be a day in September when we go to Six Flags. That's all I have scheduled. Maybe the same Spring Break as public school so he can play with his neighborhood friends, not sure though. We can probably get school in and be finished by lunch then he can play with his friends. We'll see. This is my first year so it is definitely a work in progress!

Cloee has two teeth now and is really pulling herself around! She's also quite chunky and I love it! She yells and chatters non-stop and has the most beautiful smile that lights up her eyes. She is such a blessing to us.

And here's a picture of the other princess who LOVES to dress up!

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