Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bring the rain

Yea! It's raining-much needed here at home. I hope it pours all day.

I went on our Church's Jr. High retreat Sunday and Monday-went to Dallas to spend the night and spend the day at Hurricane Harbor yesterday. I am wiped out! Not to mention sunburned beyond belief. My skin has not seen sun like that in 2 years! And yes, I did wear sunscreen for the most part-forgot my back when I started talking to the girls to make sure they were putting on I guess better me than them. ugh! It was loads of fun, great fellowship and Jim (our youth pastor) hosted 2 awesome bible studies that really got them talking. Some of my girls even got Mrs. Fran and me on the tornado slide and some other short slide that shoots you out in the water (I will NEVER be shot out into the water again!!)

Not really a whole lot to write about. Cloee is crawling so good now. She is so cute! I ordered a sling to carry her in while I'm cleaning house. Sometimes she really likes me to carry her and I can't when I'm busy so this should fix that-it came in today and I have it ready to go.

I finally made my first birthday cake again-for my sweet little friend, Jonah. It was a sponge Bob cake. It did bother my wrist but it felt good to make a cake again. I forgot his nose though. Realized it later that day after the party was over-oops.

Some more pictures to enjoy that I hadn't posted yet. Some are from the spray park where the kids get to run through water and it's free. They love it. We'll be going there a lot this summer because of that one word "free" and I'm cheap!

Notice anything wrong with the next pictures??


BeechemBrightSpots said...

Hello! I just found your blog from the homeschool lounge. I just found it a few days ago, and we're in the same situation. I just quit my teaching job 2 weeks ago to stay at home & home school my 11-year old. I also noticed your children are adopted--they are beautiful & seem to be full of life! Our youngest is adopted too. Seems as if we have several things in common. Maybe we can encourage one another on this new journey!

Kim B
Malakoff, TX

Liz said...

ha ha! I love that your older daughter is sitting in the Bumbo. LOL!