Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stuff and more stuff

Whew, we are still alive. The last couple of weeks of school were so busy! But I'm happy to report that Cade finished his last year at public school, passed the TAKS test and was commended on his Math TAKS, passed to 4th grade and made the A/B honor roll for the whole year. We're so proud of him!!

Jeff also had a fairly quickly planned hernia repair which then, in turn, got infected (all better now). During this time, Jenna got one of her staph infections and yes we lived in fear for a couple of days with Jeff having his infection. We prayed so hard that he would not get staph again. So we had to treat the whole family again and happy to report staph has left the building.....for now.

Cloee is growing like a weed. She started sitting up and within a couple of days started crawling (or rather pulling herself across the wood floors.) I think the very same day I walked in to their room and she was standing up in her crib. She just about has the correct crawling position down and will get her legs underneath her. Of course she only crawls to the couch or chair so she can pull herself up into a standing position. She absolutely adores Jenna (and Cade too) but there's something between those two little girls. I love hearing them chatter at night after they've gone to bed-I may have already posted that.

One or two of the pictures I have posted are of Cloee and I tried "finger curls" on her hair. I really, really like it but poor thing has really short hair in the back so it didn't stay there. Oh, Cloee will wave bye-bye now too. So cute-I'm not partial or anything. She turned 9 months on the 1st.

I got a new camera! I saved some of my last paycheck and finally found a great deal on it. It's a Nikon D5000 and I have a lot of reading to do on it! I also had an opportunity to go on a Mission trip to Tanzania this summer (it has been postponed until next spring) but after much prayer and learning the trip was 14 days, I knew in my heart I could not leave my family that long yet. Maybe when the kids are older. We have a group in Moldova right now-I was able to go on that mission trip last year and really hated not being able to join them this year. If you'd like to look in on them go to and check out my friend Dan's blog on my blogroll.

See ya!


Megan said...

You did a GREAT job on her hair! You go mama! Glad everyone is feeling better.

Carrie said...

Since you're not going to Tanzania will you be able to make it to Stori's house?

Chloee's hair looks adorable! We're about to shave Haven's off again. He wants nothing to do with hair styling!