Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Project Play Area

This past Saturday was "Project Play Area" for the boys. We can't really use our back yard right now because the big dogs concern the little girls. So we had asphalt laid on this side of the house when our garage was converted to our playroom. Jeff and Cade made a play area on that side of the house also-it's usually covered in shade and is a really good spot to play-it was just muddy rocks. Jeff even bought stepping stones to put down that leads to Jenna's play house. We'll add potted flowers soon. The kids love it. We'll add a covered swing and side table just to the right of the play area (in between it and the asphalt area) for me. I'm still looking for a little tikes picnic table (used) to go in the play area. They did a great job, don't ya think? You can see Cloee staring out the window at them-she didn't get to help this time.

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