Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cloee is 10 months old today-raising awareness.

She has come so far in her short life and traveled halfway around the world. She was ever so tiny and only by the grace of God is she alive and a part of our family. She is amazing. She was ever so tiny when I met Jilma at the airport in Washington DC on November 18th, 2009. I wasn't sure what to think....she was so tiny. Could I really do this and parent this tiny baby? Cloee had been so sick when Pastor Loma took her out of the orphanage to foster her until she could come home. She would have died otherwise, I know this in my heart. I can only thank God for the grace He extended in Cloee's life and ours.

It was not always a happy story, this adoption from Congo. Do you remember? I do...every day. The pain lessens but the memories stay forever. Cloee was not our first daughter from Congo. We have another, do you remember? Cassie Jamila, a precious daughter who was called home to Jesus September 30, 2009 at 3 months of age. Never having held my little girl in my arms, I was struck by the intensity of grief, the heart-break. For God called her to be our daughter and she my heart, in my soul, in my spirit.

This is not an easy post for me but I feel compelled for a very specific reason. Cassie died from Malaria. It is a horrible but preventable disease-do you know that? Do you know how easily preventable it is or that, yes, indeed, you can be treated for it and live? Malaria is transmitted by the mosquito, it's in their stomach. You get bitten and the transfer is complete. What happens after that is terrible-it travels through your body, it can take over your red blood cells, it continues its path of destruction and makes its way to the brain and it destroys it. It is not an easy death, it is painful. My Cassie died a painful, preventable death. It still hurts. In America, we are blessed with money, healthcare, clean water, food, formula, everything we need. In Democratic Republic of Congo, that is not the case.

Our Family Adoptions is the non-profit humanitarian organization who helped us with Cassie and Cloee's adoptions. They are made up solely of volunteers. Chase Bank is running a fundraising contest on FACEBOOK to give money, lots of money, to the top 200 winners. That's $20,000 - imagine what could be done with this money, the orphans that could be helped...the orphans that could live. We are getting closer to reaching the top 200, but we have to stay there also, until the contest is over. Take a minute out of your day and click on the link, follow the directions and "vote" for Our Family Adoptions (OFA). If I can share Cassie's story and it can raise awareness and help these sweet children in Congo, then I will....every day.

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Megan said...

I still think of Cassie so often. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child. But Lauree- you are such an inspiration. You didn't give up. You didn't say "done". You kept plugging along. You said "YES" when your heart was probably begging you for a rest. And girl- you are moving mountains! Your story will continue to move people. Thanks for sharing your heart and your precious Cassie with us. I know it can't be easy to talk about. Love you, Lauree.