Monday, August 9, 2010

Back from vacation

The kids and I went to North Dakota to spend a week on the farm with great-grandma Marian. Jeff could not go with us because of work, just the way it worked out this time. We followed Jeff's sister, Pam, and her family and Jeff's brother, Scott and two of his children. It was a two day drive with an overnight stay in a hotel to break the drive up. The kids did fabulous! It's so hard to believe that Cloee is the same baby that HATED WITH A PASSION every time we put her in the carseat and screamed until she fell asleep.

The kids loved being on the farm, they just run and run and run. It doesn't get dark until 9:30ish and the weather was wonderful! Constant breeze, no humidity- nothing like East Texas! One afternoon it even got below 70 and I donned a light jacket. Sooo very nice! Jenna loved being able to run with her cousins and having Pop Pop (Jeff's parents also went) take her on many walks. Cade got to fly in Uncle Gary's plane-I don't do small planes, but got some good pictures. Cloee finally loosened up around everyone. One of the cutest things was her walking up to Stephen (Scott's son) and turning around to come back to me because she wasn't sure of him yet. When I left the room and came back she was sitting in his lap with a giant grin on her face (On Stephen's face too)-totally cute.

I will post more pictures of the vacation later this week, I'm still trying to unpack and get ready for homeschool, which starts on Wednesday. The pictures today are from before our trip. I curled Jenna's hair one night for fun and she loved it.


cami said...

your girls are SO cute - cute - cute!!!

Anonymous said...

YOPU GO GIRLS yall look beautiful