Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome to SHINE Academy

My homeschool curriculum for Cade for 2010-2011 (4th grade):

Cursive writing: A reason for Handwriting
Language Arts: Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS)
History/Geograpy: LifePac
Math: Horizons
Bible: LifePac plus daily devotions
Character Training: Created for work (Practical Insights for Young Men)
Science: Apologia Young explorer series (Astronomy first)
Read a-loud: Treasure Island
Silent reading: Boxcar children #3 & 4

For Jenna (age 3):
My Father's World (MFW) and a mix of fun stuff-she wants to go to school like Cade, of course.

Why SHINE? Because we should be a light shining for Jesus to everyone. Also, I liked the Acronym for Seeking Him (IN) Everything.

I'd like to add Art sometime and a couple of other things, but this is a good start I think. We start tomorrow. I've been cleaning the "schoolroom" all day! Still missing a few things but will get those this weekend (map, globe, etc)

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Liz said...

So sweet! I love the name SHINE and what it stands for!