Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life, Computer Crashes and Chopped Hair

I've missed blogging but I'm back.....did you know I was gone?? haha. My computer crashed. It was a sad day. I thought I had lost all of my pictures and my favorites and all of the stuff that you think you would die if you "lost." So far though I have found he was able to save a lot of my stuff, even my "favorites" which included tons of homeschool blogs and resources. I did lose some pre-K homeschool curriculum that I purchased-it was on my computer screen and now it's all gone. Some fabulous unit studies for Cade that he picked out on horses, dolphins, a Christmas one and several others. That makes me sad but I guess I can just purchase those again maybe. The unit studies were on a crazy sale and I'm cheap so that may not happen. :(
Jenna chopped her hair up and this time did a pretty good job at it. It was actually right around Thanksgiving. She was drawing and said it got in her way. We had a nice long talk about the advantages of pulling our hair up in a pony tail or barrettes (sp?) as opposed to just cutting off what's in the way. One piece at the very front is about 1/2 an inch long or shorter. So we're finally about to go get it cut and see what they can do. I'm thinking layers on the side.....

Cade finished up his soccer season and has started basketball, well, practice anyway. Games start in January. Jeff is his coach this year and Cade was very excited that he decided to do it again.

We are on Christmas break now until the 2nd week in January. Cade finished up the semester doing pretty good! We did have to back-track in Grammar one week because I just felt like he wasn't "getting it"-that's the nice part of homeschool-we can go over it until he does get it. Can't do that in public school, you just have to keep moving forward even if you don't understand the concept. He is a math whiz, so he's doing good in that class-very good. I think his reading is wonderful despite being dyslexic and having an auditory processing disorder. I'm proud of him!!

There is an on-line dyslexic class that I want to take-the teachers in Texas have to take it to become certified to teach dyslexia classes. It's kind of expensive, around $400 I think but I know it will help me teach Cade. We'll see.....

My mom is moving near us!!! Yea! We've been trying to get her closer for years. She found a house in the little bitty town next to us, so she'll be about 15 minutes from us now. She moves next week!

Cloee is still growing like a weed and is LOUD! She makes herself known in this house among the 3 kids. She has a mouth full of teeth and we can understand a few words that she says. Her favorite and most popular saying is "hungeeee" for "I'm hungry, feed me!" She says it all of the time. She eats wayyyyyyy more than Jenna does! She's in 18-month clothes and size 5 shoes. I think she'll be moving to 24-month clothes soon. I'm thinking I just need to buy 3 outfits because she grows so fast. She has a closet full of clothes and soon we're going to have to start all over again. Perspective: Jenna is in 3T clothes right now. I'm thinking little sister will pass her in the next year.

That's it for now! Hopefully one more post before Christmas!!

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