Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In

The past week was the first week on the new Points Plus system of Weight Watchers. I think I like it. It really does help you focus on getting more fruits and vegetables. I lost exactly what I had gained over Thanksgiving which I thought was funny.

~lost 1.6 lbs

so I'm back to 8.0 lbs lost. I feel like I'm struggling now. There has always been a point where I just can't lose and really start fluctuating. I've got to get in to see my doctor too for my thyroid check-was supposed to in August. oops. I have hypothyroidism and have had it since I was in 3rd grade.....many, many years ago. I refuse to just let it go and say I can't lose weight. Yes, it may be a little harder and take a little longer but I know I can succeed. Some weeks will be bad, some will be good and my moods about my weight loss will also go up and down.

This weekend is going to be a challenge for tournament all day Saturday. A friend of mine says she takes the little fruit and vegetable trays to her daughter's soccer games-I think I may go buy a couple. She was also my boot camp instructor and always has good ideas about that kind of stuff.

That's it for now! Happy Healthy eating!

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