Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Menu-Plan Monday (On Tuesday)

Thought I would try something new. Some time I hope to learn how to link up to the recipes but for this week I'm not. I have a new link to the right. I love this woman's website. I aspire to be her, I will never make it! I'm not an organizing junkie but I am learning a lot from her.


B'fast: Eggs and biscuits
Lunch: Chicken fries, apple sauce
Dinner: Cheese Quesadillas (sp?)


B'fast: Biscuits and sausage
Lunch: PB&J sandwich and bananas
Dinner: One pot spaghetti


B'fast: Oatmeal w/raisins
Lunch: Ham&Cheese hot pockets, vegies w/ranch
Dinner: Eash Chicken Enchiladas, vegies


B'fast: pancakes, turkey sausage links
Lunch: Leftovers or turkey/cheese rolls with apples
Dinner: Either Leftovers or pizza-depends on lunch


B'fast: Eggs and biscuits/pancakes, orange slices
Lunch: ?? (on the road or at home)
Dinner: Tacos with friends

The one pot spaghetti and chicken enchiladas are new recipes I got from the I'm an organizing junkie website to the right of my posts. We're going to a friend's camphouse this weekend so that's why I didn't put Saturday or Sunday right now. We'll be back Saturday night but I haven't thought about Sunday's meals yet. :) Menu planning really helps with eliminating the 5pm rush of "what's for dinner". I usually plan on the weekends and the shop from that list-which also saves money. Try it, you will like it!!

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