Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Tupperware Cabinet

Okay, I don't really own a lot of tupperware but I don't know what else to call it. The plastic cabinet? I have been inspired by I'm an Organizing Junkie to get a little more organized. She is awesome and I've decided to join in on her 52 weeks challenge. So my first week I decided to tackle the above mentioned cabinet.
Here is the before picture:

It's a mess, really, do I need that much plastic? So, here's the picture of everything on the floor. I threw a lot of it in the trash. We don't need that much plastic and I could use the bottom shelf for something new as you will see.

The last two pictures are the final clean and organized cabinet.

I'm really proud of this and when I open the cabinet door it has a very calming effect on me! The last picture is what I put on a basket that I put on the bottom shelf. This is something new for me so I'm not sure if it will work. It's a basket that I intend for everyone to throw the "kitchen papers" in rather than in the 3 hotspot corners in my kitchen. Anything can go in this basket and my goal is to go through it once a week. That's the problem though. I have done a similar basket idea and I never went through the baskets. I think they are on part of my 52 weeks of organization list. Check back next Friday and see what I tackled next!

Edited Friday morning: I'm linked up to org junkie's website for her challenge. You can click on here and visit lots of people's blogs who are in on the challenge!


Threaded Together said...

I love the basket for papers but I have the same problem...I always put off going through the basket! Tupperware is on my list too...I know most of it will just go in the trash so I need to stop putting it off.

Jenny said...

the labels are a great idea. I need to do this in my kitchen. Then maybe when the children do the dishes things would get put back where they belong.

I need to go through all my rubber maid stuff. I want to get new Tupperware.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the challenge. What a beautiful family you have! I have one of those turntable thingees of plastic too! I bought it from my elderly neighbors when they sold everything to move....miss them.

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely family. Great job with the plastics. I may have to borrow your idea for paper clutter.

Peace & Blessings :)

Sue B said...

Wow... never thought of just one basket for papers!! Good idea! Thanks... Keep up the good work!