Monday, May 9, 2011

52-Week Organization Challenge-The end of our bed

And.....I'm organizing and de-cluttering the homestead. Things seem to be back in control and I'm ready to re-focus my energy. This week (or rather for last week) I chose the end of our bed. Much like that big corner in our room, the end of our bed is the local stomping ground for......everything. If I don't have time to deal with it, then that's a great spot to drop something off. Seriously? Yep. The last picture is what it actually looks like. That is a box of pictures and photo albums.....can I make that part of my organization challenge???

Anyway, Laura over at asks questions each week:
Questions to ponder this week:

1.Do you sometimes use limited funds as an excuse not to get organized?
~Absolutely! I may need a new "product" in order to get organized. If I don't have it then, sorry, I won't get it organized. :)

2.What’s on your list to organize this week?
~ This week I think I will work on the girls' room, specifically their dresser drawers. It seems like I am always having to do something in this room. 2 girls in one room equals constant cleaning!
3.What one task do you notice yourself continually putting off? Why do you think that is?
~ That's easy....our master closet. Lord help me! I keep putting it off because it is going to be a beast to organize!

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