Friday, August 19, 2011

Week #1 Review - MFW

This week was our first week in My Father's World. Cade is in the Exloring Countries and Cultures. I LOVE My Father's World, that's all I can say. Cade really enjoyed the first week. However, the first week was an intro and we only included Bible, Geography and Science. Next week, we add all but one class so his days will be a little longer. I eliminated "Wee Sing" from his curriculum. This seems to be for younger children. I will play it and the girls can learn the music but it won't be in Cade's lesson plans.
In Bible this week, Cade began reading Window on the World (an intro and an overview of Christianity. He enjoyed looking at some of the Churches in Eastern Europe-most likely because he is from there! :) He also learned that the Garden of Eden was the very first Ecosystem, which tied into his Science. We read "God Speaks Numanggang"-pretty cool learning how they developed the language and that it took 30 years to do that and translate the new testament and Psalms. Fabulous missionary work! Cade was entranced.
In Geography, Cade filled out his "passport application" - he thought that was pretty cool, He filled it out by himself, wrote a "check" for the fee, an addressed the envelope to mail to the "passport center" which is me. cute, huh? He even asked today when his passport would come in! Our focus this week was on Maps and Glopes.
In Science, Cade learned about Ecosystems and did two projects (one was basically already done thanks to his zoo camp!). Earthworm habitat (studying Wiggles the Worm) and measuring out a habitat in the yard and examining it and journaling about it.
Jenna started PreK. She is actually using MFW PreK. She worked on matching, lacing, left to right, up and down, and the letter A (which she already knows but still needs practice writing.)

Cade's 5th grade curriculum

Jenna's Pre-K curriculum - Some. ha. I have a lot of workbooks too. :)

Reading happens everywhere in our house.

Backyard habitat project. He's measuring the specified dimensions.

Answering the questions in his journal about his "habitat".

Working on his World map. Thankfully he remembered his continents, oceans and hemispheres from last year!

Completing his passport application!

Jenna hard at work at her school table.

She loves school.

Some of her work. She got tired of coloring the fishes and told me she was done with school. :)

Letter A practice.
We are looking forward to next week!

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Miss Jenny said...

Wow! You have really got it together! Looking through your poictures and plans makes me want to be a teacher, although now is not the time to be certifying for that. Teachers have it rough right now. Good luck with your school year!