Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SHINE Academy

BUSY has been the name of the game recently. We technically started our new homeschool year on Monday (I counted Cade's educational zoo camp last week as part of his homeschool as well). I have a whole new set of curriculum for Cade this year. Cade will also be starting a homeschooling co-op in September called Venture. He will be going every Tuesday from 8:30-3:30-the last hour he will be in a Chess class learning how to play. This may be a co-op he participates in through high school, we'll just have to see how it goes. Cade is in the 5th grade this year and we should finish the year in April 2012.

Jenna started Pre-K Monday as well. She loves it and loves learning. I have a curriculum for her as well. Cloee is in Tot school - ha! She has a crate of stuff that she plays with only during school time so it stays special. :)

This week our day looks like: Breakfast and Bible (got the idea from Raising Arrows); then Cade plays with Cloee for 30 - 45 minutes so I can work with Jenna one-on-one. Then Jenna and Cloee can go play or play in the Tot school box while I work with Cade. The morning is very busy and slows down by lunch. This week Cade is only working on Bible, Geography, and Science. Next week we start adding in the remaining classes.

So, here's a list of our curriculum:
For Cade:

~My Father's World (Exploring Countries and Cultures) This covers Bible, Geography and Science. All Read Alouds included as well. They cover Missionaries and their lives.
~Math U See (Epsilon)
~All About Spelling
~A Reason for Handwriting (E)
~Winston Grammar
~Bob Jones Reading (this was a last minute add in because I love the book)
We will also include writing prompts, nature studies/walks, Dave Ramsey's Jr financial kit, and cooking. These classes will not be every day.

For Jenna:
~My Father's World and Sonlight
~Letter of the Week Curriculum
That's the formal stuff. I have so many pre-K school books, she will have lots of practice stuff. The LOTW curriculum includes memorizing bible verses also. Lots of coloring, cutting and play-doh time and crafts!

For Cloee:
~her Tot box, I will go more into that another time. She is learning to sit relatively quietly while I read our Bibe stories and she will sit with Jenna while coloring, etc. A lot of time she is just wandering around playing.

I feel much more comfortable going into my 2nd year of homeschooling plus I'm very excited about Cade's new curriculum. He has expressed a heartfelt desire to go to other countries to talk about Jesus and help orphans, I think this curriculum is perfect because it has a lot of focus on Missionaries.

That's it for now. I need to start school with Jenna. My hope is to do a weekly wrap-up on Fridays or Saturdays to show what we've been doing. As soon as I find my camera, I will be able to post some organization challenge pictures.


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