Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up #2 (MFW)

We just finished another week in My Father's World, and I'm happy to say I still LOVE it! This week we added in Handwriting, grammar, math, and read-alouds.

In Bible: We read in Genesis, Isaiah, Psalms, Luke, and Revelation. We also read in "Window on the World" learning a bit about Judaism. I really like this book because it explains these other religions and gives a small history.

Handwriting is simply copy work so I won't be talking about it. It is a 4-day per week program with the last day being the copying of a scripture verse. I check his work daily and circle the words, letters that are written the best.

In Grammar, we began with a pretest then worked in the book through the week. We are using Winston Grammar and WOW! We love it too!

In Math, we started Math-U-See. I cannot say enough good things about this program. Cade is in the Epsilon level-which is ALL about fractions. This program THE. BEST. EVER! (I will be starting Jenna at the Kinder level next year). On Mondays, we watch a dvd of the new material being taught. Cade and I both watch it and talk about it. The teacher is fabulous. He is teaching a class of young students and works on a whiteboard and uses manipulatives. Cade then works through the 1st worksheet using his own manipulatives. Each day he then did two worksheets and Thursday was a test for mastery. So he had his first test this week and he aced it! (Go Cade!) Have I said I hate fractions?? I do! I can even do fractions with this program. :)

In Geography, Cade finished his Maps and Globes book. He learned about
latitude, longitude, elevation, physical and political maps, and local maps.

In Science, He learned about Biomes around the world and began studying our World Atlas, and learned about oxygen and water cycles. He also started his Nature notebook (nature walk). It was so hot so he decided he wanted to draw an ant pile and the busy ants. He documents weather, location, etc. things like that.

Read Alouds: We started Kingdom Tales from My Father's World. The lesson I learned this week is that when it says "preview" before reading, it may not be appropriate for younger kids, they are NOT kidding. These stories are pretty intense, I will not being reading these aloud to Jenna and Cloee. There are a few questions at the end for discussion. The stories always link to Jesus and the Bible, which I love.

Cade working on Grids.

Working on Grammar
Read Aloud time is very relaxing.

Jenna working on her Letter of the Week stuff

Cloee likes to watch everyone, sometimes very closely.

Cloee working on stacking on her blanket. We are trying blanket training. She is at 5-10 minutes right now. This is simply staying on the blanket playing quietly while I work with Cade or Jenna.

Doing a good job!

Letter A

Coloring time

Quiet time reading while I work with Jenna

And let's not forget Maggie. She hangs with us in the classroom.

I've spent way too long on this post. Need to get back to the kiddos, they're getting very loud.


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Heart4Adoption said...

We love Math U See and My Father's World too! Glad to hear that school is going well:)