Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cloee turns 2

These are Cloee's baby pictures from when she lived with the Loma family. I will be forever grateful to them for taking my baby into their family and loving her until she could come home. They are an amazing family. God is using them to touch so many lives.

The picture above is my first time with Cloee, on November 17th, in the airport. She was so very tiny, she scared me!
Pastor Loma and Mama Loma and their family plus a few foster kids waiting on their families! Mama Loma is holding my precious girl!

And Cloee today. Sweet girl, you have brought so much joy into our lives. We are so thankful God brought us together to be a family.


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I love the picture with Cloee and Chad. Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!!!