Wednesday, August 31, 2011

52-Week Organization Challenge - The Beast

It was tackle the beast and pray that I would win. I dreaded this task, I put it off....hoping the cleaning fairy would take care of it for me. But alas, she did not show up. Every time I opened the door, it reached for me but I tap-danced around and got out quick. But the beast kept growing, until it ensnared my feet every time I stepped into it and I couldn't avoid it any longer. It was time.....

Yep, this is our master closet. It took on a life of it's own!
And now, I have tamed the beast. It is under my authority again and I love it. I stand in it and twirl around. I breathe deeply and sigh with utter calmness and peace knowing nothing is going to latch on to my feet and pull me in....foreverrrrrrrr.

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Liz said...

Good job girl!!! I need to clean my own closet!!

Wendy said...

Great job! My beast is still my office. I get it organized and then it get's trashed again. Friday! I plan on tackling it Friday!

Wonder Woman I'm Not said...

Great job! It's nice to see someone else's messes:) I tackled my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago. As I finish up my latest project (organizing the laundry/storage room) I've decided to go back to my closet and do some further organization. I just with my closet was as big as yours!!