Friday, March 16, 2012

All girls orphanage

(*You can see a "before" picture of me in one of these-it's scary)

We visited an all girls orphanage plus one little boy who is HIV+. This is by far the best orphanage we saw and not typical. The woman in blue is actually from the US. Her mom was Congolese and opened the orphanage years ago. These girls are not available for adoption but rather they are raised to learn, go to school and get a job and give back to their community. They can stay there until they get a job, because the alternative for them is prostitution. They live in a compound to keep them protected from men who would kidnap them to sell them.

The schools cost money and they go as long as there is money. Then they stay home when the money runs out until they can find donations for them to go back. They have donated stuff from US people and the lady's friends-all of the furniture, etc.

I took some of the donated soccer balls and boy did they love them, as you can see in the pics below!

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