Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weighing In

Today was weigh in day. Honestly, yesterday I was nervous about it. I joined Weight Watchers Online last week. I've done this before. I've tried just about every diet out there at one time or another.

I lost 5.4 lbs this week.

While I'm happy about this, I'm not excited. Why? Because this has happened many times before. You "dieters" know what I'm talking about. I did hit my 5 lb. goal. But already I'm worried about next week since I did good this week. I've never really talked about my feelings about losing weight, but I plan on using this as a journal to see if that helps.

The first 5 days were pretty easy. I never felt really hungry. Actually I felt rather satisfied. The last 2 days, though, I felt hungry, really hungry, at night. Nothing different in my eating, so if I look at the psychology of it my emotions were beginning to take over. I'm an emotional eater. I think I was getting nervous about my weigh-in. I did eat, but I still stayed in my allowed points.

I am exercising again. With great pain in my foot. I have a neuroma in my left foot that needs to be removed surgically but I've decided I really want to lose alot of weight first. I won't be able to exercise for awhile and I don't want to give that up yet.

I have found that I want to run more. So that's a good thing. It just hurts my foot. My new goal, I think, is the 10 lb mark. I hope to hit that within two weeks. I'd really like to hit it in one week but I'm trying to keep it "real". ha.

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