Saturday, April 21, 2012

Congo-Special Needs

Warning: These pictures are not easy to look at and may be graphic. This is life in Congo for special needs orphans. There is one picture of a man in a white jacket. He is absolutely fabulous! He owns the whole place, runs it, everything. He is so nice! The kids obviously love him. He always has a hug ready for any of them who run up to him and he speaks very softly to them.

He has about 700+ orphans and I don't know how many are HIV+-can't rembember but it's a lot. He also has a section where people sit all day because they have no home-they are homeless. They are guaranteed 2 meals there. He is quite simply an amazing man.

This is for people who ask "why not America?" I challenge you and say "why not Congo?" You won't see this in America. Some of us are called to adopt internationally and some are called to adopt domestically and then some are called to do both. There is no way that one way is the best way. We are all blessed by building our families through adoption-no matter what type of adoption. Children who need families, get one. Parents who need children, get one. Families are made. It's a win-win, no matter what. Get over it.

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