Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weighing In

It's that time again.

~ 0 lbs lost this week

~ 10 lbs total loss

You would think I would be depressed over this but I choose not to be. I'm not excited but I knew it was bound to happen and it will again. I know why the scale didn't move this week - because I didn't move. I only got in one day of exercise.

So here are my excuses: I got sick, the kids got sick, the kids were up all night several nights in a row.

So, I'm back at it for a new week. I've already got a day in of exercise and hope to get 3 more.

I'm not sure I will keep posting each week about my weight. Seems a little boring to post about a pound. :) We shall see.


Linda Tatum said...

Not boring. 'So many of us pulling for you, and it's helpful to know how to pray specifically. You have a houseful of reasons to get / stay healthy! :^) I am applauding every tiny victory!

Liz said...

No way! Keep posting. I'm cheering for you. :)