Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weighing In

~ lost .5 lbs
~ total loss 8 lbs.

I wanted more this week but had to be realistic, so emotionally I'm doing okay. We were in Galveston Friday through Monday. Eating out, etc. I tried to eat better than normal, but I really could have done better.

Let's look at the positives for me. I have been exercising regularly for one month now. 4 weeks! I got 3 days in last week, did not meet my goal. BUT I did so much walking on Saturday and Sunday! Surely that counts for a little! ha! I did incorporate more fruits and vegetables. My sports bra is not a snug as it has been and I put a pair of athletic capri pants on last week and they weren"t as snug across the hip-booty area. :) All things I love. So something is happening.

I still struggle with how I eat and how I feel. As in, if I don't do good then I don't feel good about myself. Thinking I'm weak and will be a failure. I pray alot. The emotional part is just as important to me as the physical part of losing weight.

One day I will get to put a picture up when I lose 10 lbs. I hope it will be next week. Just 2 more pounds.

And to show you what I have lost here is a picture of 5 lbs of fat plus 1 lb of fat. Add 2 lbs more and there you have it. Seeing this is an inspiration for sure!

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