Thursday, May 30, 2013

More catching up

Still catching up!  Life in Houston-I'm actually loving it.  I especially love the area where we live.  There is so much to do if we choose.  We typically reserve Fridays for park days/field trips and they usually include the Wood kids from .  School generally is Monday through Thursday.  Cade can usually be done by lunch.  We start late, after we burn off energy!
Jenna and Cloee-they found the rainwater and had some fun!

Cloee, Luke, Jenna and our friend Haley creating art

Luke-he loves body art

Jenna-when she started reading the Bob books.  She loves it!

Manny, Haven, Jenna and Grace-silly

Jenna and Luke at the splash pad

Cloee having lots of fun


Nikki said...

I saw your comment at Raising Arrows and came over to say, "Hey!" We just moved to the Houston area, too, which was a nice surprise when I saw your blog because you did, too! And we're having a hard time finding a church we like.

Nikki said...

We live south of Houston in Lake Jackson, so about an hour from Houston. But if/when I'm up there, I'll let you know!