Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Catching up

I think it's time to do some catching up.  We've been busy living life and getting used to living in Houston.  One of the reasons I haven't posted is because I don't know how to get the pictures from my phone to the computer.  So if you have a Nokia Windows phone and know how to do this, I sure would like to know.

We are wrapping up our homeschool year for Cade.  He is down to just his Bible curriculum and Math. Jenna will finish sometime this summer.  They won't begin on the same day.  Jeff doesn't want much down time for Cade in school, so it will probably just be a 1-2 week break and he will begin 7th grade.  Jenna is on track to begin 1st grade probably in August.  I will blog about their 2013-2014 curriculum in another post.

We've been visiting Churches, trying to find a new church home.  It's so hard when you loved the one you were in.  We visited one for a few months but the format doesn't work for us and Jeff was having to miss too much of the Wednesday night group.  We are visiting another one, we think this one may be the right fit for us.  Still praying about it.

I've joined a couple of the homeschool groups and we've gone on a couple of pretty cool fieldtrips.  But they are slowing down for the summer.  Tryouts for basketball are in September.  Cade is very excited about this.  I think the boy would play basketball all day if he could.  Hopefully we can get Jenna back in gymnastics in August.  She misses it.

Cloee and Luke are doing great.  Cloee still is not interested in being around people she doesn't really know.  And Luke doesn't know a stranger.  Interestingly enough, Cloee walks right into her new Sunday school class without any hesitation.  It's such a shock for me to witness, but I am so thankful.

Luke's 3rd birthday

Cade's 13th birthday

Kids love to play in this creek

Jenna's 6th birthday


Jenna, loves the bounce houses

Cade, Jeff and Cloee

Cloee-not sure why it was blurry

Jenna and Cloee-fieldtrip, they loved these big trikes

Cade-they even had some for the teenagers

Jenna-another blurry picture.  She actually did the zip line.
That's all I have time for.

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Liz said...

I don't have the same kind of phone you mentioned, but I usually just text the pictures to my email address & save them to the computer that way. Hope that helps.