Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blessings from above!

Our second option for financing went through so we have the bulk of the money for our adoption. The rest will come out of our paychecks-ouch. :) That was a huge worry for us and God totally took care of it, as He does everything.

Jilma called last night with some great news. Pastor Loma and his wife (who took care of Haven until Brian could get there) have offered to take care of Cassie! THANK YOU GOD!!! She will NOT have to go to the orphanage. They will also be taking care of a sibling group until their family can get there. You can follow their blog . We are hoping to connect with a missionary family who lives over there and send them money to buy formula for Cassie and any other things she might need until I can get there. Jilma was going to get me their information. We're so excited she won't have to go to the orphanage. It's just so poor and there's no guarantee how often she would get formula. The older children take care of the younger children. This way I know Cassie will be getting good care, being held and loved on. What a blessing!

Still pray for a speedy return on the paperwork and Cassie's test results! I'm so anxious to see a picture of her! I can't wait!!! Here's another family to follow also: I just linked up with their website!

At the spray garden yesterday

Weiney dog cake I made for a surprise party yesterday


Megan said...

Wonderful news! Praying for your little Cassie and your whole family. It is so great to connect with other people here in the US going through the same things! Megan

Carrie said...

This is such happy, happy news. The Loma's took such wonderful care of Haven. Mama Loma loves those babies like her own!