Monday, July 13, 2009

A little more adoption news

I went to kids church camp on Thursday and just got back yesterday afternoon. Our social worker, Bernadette, was there interviewing Jeff and then on to Cade and me.

Rewind a few days: Wednesday, the day after our referral call, I literally put our dossier together for the DRC. I was leaving early Thursday so this had to be done. This is a different kind of stress than waiting for Jenna those years. We have a referral in hand but no paperwork, completely backwards! I called Bernadette to let her know the good news and she offered to come this Sunday to complete our homestudy in an effort to help speed things up-Jeff and I were astounded and so excited.

We got an email from Jilma Thursday night that our dossier was now in the DRC and just waiting on the homestudy-talk about fast! She asked the attorney in the Congo to proceed with the adoption once favorable test results came back on Cassie-so please be in prayer for that! We have officially named her "Cassie" and sent it to Jilma for the adoption courts. I'm waiting to see if her mother had named her with a Congolese name and that will be her middle name. I'm not sure if and when we'll find that out.

We need serious prayers for some paperwork that is in Austin-this is our State fingerprint clearance and our child abuse clearance-just that we get those back this week-would be awesome, but very soon will work also!

I will blog about Church camp later this week-it was awesome and deserves it's on blog entry!!
Please be in prayer for little Cassie. To lose her mother, left in a hospital with various caregivers, then to be transferred to the orphanage-so many traumas in her short little life.


Carrie said...

Hurray!!! Homestudy complete. Isn't Bernadette terrific. What size clothes do you need for Cassie? I have some of Grace's outgrowns. I think you said you had just gotten rid of Jenna's. Let me know if you want to keep them or you can take them with you to DRC.

Chelese said...

What great news! We will continue to pray for this precious little one.

Stori said...

I just wanted to let you know that our two babies are being fostered by Pastor Loma too. We are meeting him in Ohio this Saturday. Is there anything you would like us to send along with him for Cassie? Just let us know. We'd be glad to get whatever for you. You can email me at
And congratulations on your homestudy being complete!

Stori said...

We will be praying for Cassie. May she ajust quickly to her new loving caregivers and that her tests have good results.