Monday, July 20, 2009

New Poll and some feelings on my adoption

Check out our poll to the right! Cast your vote! Of course, if we can find out what her given name is or what her mother's name was we'll name her that I'm sure.

Jenna moved to her "big girl" bed this weekend and is doing very well in it. She plays alot when you put her down but she did that in her crib as well. I think it's her wind down quiet time. She is also going "potty" more now and loves when mommy and daddy do the potty dance for her! Cade thinks we're goofy but we told him we did the same thing for him which totally embarrasses him!

Nothing new on our adoption situation. Still waiting on test results and papers from Austin. It's kind of funny the transformation my heart is taking. At first, I had a lot of anxiety about a 2 month old and as the days have passed my excitement has grown. I'm happy to say my excitement level has surpassed my anxiety level. I feel a love blooming in my heart that is hard to describe. I haven't seen this baby, I haven't held this baby but my love for her is already growing in my heart. I don't get to talk to her in my stomach, but I get to talk to her in my heart. I don't feel her growing in my stomach, but I do feel her growing in my heart. She is already a part of me even though she is so far away. I long to hold her, sing to her, stroke her face and cover her in sweet baby kisses. And I will, soon, if it is God's will.


Nannie said...

You and Jeff never cease to amaze me with the endless love you have in your hearts. I am so glad you belong to God and He blessed our family with Cade and Jenna. Can't wait for the joy and love with little Cassie.Big prayers for haste with the whole process our family has become so well-versed in. You have been such a blessing to me and I love you and your family very much.

Elissa said...

I am so excited for you guys!!! Can't wait to follow along.