Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The joke's on me-ughhhhhh!

It's dark, but they're rockin' the house!

Ignore the messy room. They're throwin' their hands up in the air like they just don't care!

My latest cake - Tinkerbell

Ugh! I had such an April fool's day joke yesterday! Cade checked the mail and in it was a brown envelope from the Crime Records office in Austin. Woo-hoo, right?? I was so excited. I opened the envelope in eager anticipation of sending everything to Bernadette and out falls everything I sent them. Umm, what? Now, both signatures are required on the cover letter to have fingerprints checked and Jeff's wasn't on there-wasn't required the last time. Guess it doesn't matter that Jeff signed his fingerprint card. Silly me! Okay, silly is not what I was thinking-stupid is more like it and it was more "stupid me and stupid gov't!" UGGGGHHHHH! So I paid an extra $15.00 to have it overnighted and it will arrive in their mailbox before noon tomorrow. The paperwork looks like it was being processed so maybe they can finish it this week now that they have Jeff's signature on the cover letter!


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Carrie said...

What exactly does the government have against people who are adopting children!!! So frustrating!