Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weighing In

It's that time again. And this week there are pictures. Yes, that's right, I finally hit the 10 lb. mark!

~ 1 lb. lost this week

~ 10 lbs total lost

I've been on Weight Watchers now for 42 days.

I've been exercising for 6 weeks, in my 7th week now.

I ate a lot more fruits and vegetables this week.

I ran 27 minutes solid yesterday.

I'm beginning to see a tiny bit of change in my legs. I just noticed this yesterday.

Hitting the 10lb mark is a huge motivator.

I bought me a new pair of running shorts (on sale) for my prize.

This is NOT easy. It is a stuggle every day to try to make the right choices for my body.

Having friends praying for you and inspiring you is awesome. It helps.

So here you go. Below are two before pictures of when I was in Congo and yes the second one is me with my hair pulled completely back. I can't believe I'm doing this! The changes are small, but I feel them in my clothes. Maybe by the time I hit 20 lbs you'll be able to tell. :)

Before (In Congo)
Another before (In Congo)

The picture below was taken by Jenna-she wanted me to act goofy. :)


Liz said...

I can already see a big difference between the 1st pic in Congo where you're wearing the skirt & the last few pictures that Jenna took of you! You go girl!!

Sue Larsen said...

You are doing GREAT! Keep it up!!! I am rooting for you...