Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week in review

Last week was a busy week, getting ready to be off for Spring Break.  We are behind in our schooling with our move but I have it worked out where we will finish school on June 17th and be off for 2 months, restarting a new year on August 17th. Our days aren't dictated by a schedule but more of a relaxed routine.  Cade has his schedule for the week and if we want to do something fun, he simply doubles up before or after.  Jenna's schooling is fitted in throughout the day.  Sometimes she's in the mood to do alot at once and then go play or sometimes she does a little and then wants to go do something else.  I'm okay with that.  Sometimes we even do school on the weekends.  Whatever works for her.

We can tell Spring is here.  This is what I saw on my walk/jog last week.
Aren't they the cutest things EVER???  We like to walk over and feed them.  They're so cute the way the chirp and run around to grab the bread.

We also head to different parks on Fridays to play with friends.
Sometimes we take breaks and play in front of our house.  It's just been too beautiful to stay indoors.
Cade is so good to play with them most of the time and of course, they love it!

Some of the Friday playdates include a round of HORSE or something with Mr. Brian.
Jenna has been asking to get her hair cut.  On a mom and Jenna outing we decided spur of the moment to do just that.
She's so beautiful, don't you think??
and then the final.  She loves it and so do I. It's still long enough to make a ponytail and braid. And she can brush it herself now.  She had problems when it was so long. 
One day we had a very very spur of the moment decision to go to the park in lieu of naps (we won't do that again!!)

And one snapshot of our sweet Maggie.
Her walks around the lake wear her out. :-)

I caught pink eye last week. How?  Who knows, but it's so contagious it could have been at a store.  The doctor said it was one of the worst cases she has ever seen, if not ever.  My eyes were so swollen-top and bottom. They are still not completely healed, but now they look like I have allergies, so not so bad.


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